With LifeBytes, you establish the terms of service !

We would love to discuss about bioinformatics solutions to your research problems. To support you in your efforts for excellence, we have prepared 4 price models for you to choose from.

Pay Per Project Hour

For full flexibility, you can choose to pay per hour of bioinformatician’s time. This model will suit small projects with clear deliverables such as writing custom scripts, running R packages on a specific dataset, or survival analysis.

IT and Engineering Bioinformatics Projects

IT-oriented projects such as building web servers, data portals, databases, and cloud-based applications demand specialized skills and the size and requirements of such projects can evolve over time. At LifeBytes, we have strong expertise in this space and would love to work with you in designing and implementing engineering projects. Request a Quote.

Open-Ended Research Projects

For complicated or ongoing projects you can work closely with our consultants on open-ended studies running for several months or years. For instance, you can hire 0.2 FTE for 2 years – which is to say you receive 20% of a consultant’s time – for a proteogenomic study of hundreds of patient samples involving processing of RNA-Seq, mass-spectrometry data, data integration, complex statistical analyses, clinical relevance, and survival and network analyses. This provides the flexibility not afforded by traditional FTE contracts and gives you better control over your budget

Fixed Price Contracts

This model allows bioinformaticians and clients to define goals, timelines, and deliverables for data analysis. The parties can prepare a collaborative framework based on the sample size, scale of the analysis and expected outputs. This model is ideal for routine bioinformatics analyses such as identification and quantitation of proteins from iTRAQ and SILAC data, SWATH analysis, RNA-Seq data analysis, and construction of a database with well-defined features.